The Rainmaker explores the aftermath of domestic violence, the frustration of a reality that is not of one’s choosing and the impact on one’s mental health. 

 Damian Jackson is a star footballer destined for a future in AFL. He is studying for his year 12 exams, managing a DJ business and seeing Lark. At home, life is not so easy. His step father is abusive and when his mother receives a cancer diagnosis, Damo is thrust into the role of father and carer. His life is suddenly not his own and his dreams of playing AFL vanish as he adjusts to his new responsibilities.  
 The play is a multi- platform performance arts piece employing drama, comedy, music, dance and slam poetry to engage youth audiences. The Rain Maker provokes and engages audiences to be proactive and mindful of their own mental health care, to talk to friends, family and colleagues about their mental health and accept that life is difficult but in time will get better. 
Written for audiences 15-25 year olds the play includes:                 

  • Music and dance
  • References to mental health themes in literature
  • Projected images
  • Slam poetry
  •  Q&A
The play addresses:
  • Youth mental health care
  • Youth suicide prevention
  • Domestic violence
  • Bullying
  • Cyber bullying